Friday, September 11, 2009

Getting Ready for Lunch

Amy has just come in from the pool, you can see her pool bag in her hand. In her other hand are her 'uwagustu' or 'inside shoes', which she hasn't put on yet.

Peeking into the First Years' classroom next door - they're already eating! Amy's class is really slow today because they had swimming just before lunch, and it's taken a lot of time for all the children to get back to the classroom. There are no changing sheds at the pool, they have to get changed in classrooms. The girls go to another room to get changed, and the boys change in the classroom, so the girls have to wait until all the boys have finished changing. First and Second years' girls and boys get changed in the same room (ages 6-8)

Amy getting her apron on.

Amy and a friend bringing the milk. Each pair of children takes care of getting one part of lunch from the distribution area downstairs. The food is not cooked at school, but at a company that has a contract to supply school lunches. Then they bring it to the school in a truck, and unload it into the distribution room, where all the kids come to collect the bits and pieces for their class.

Erica modelling the lunch tray, surrounded by some of the other kids from 3-1

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