Friday, September 11, 2009

Heading Towards the Classroom

Erica sitting on the stairs. The building is three floors high - no elevators!

The corridor outside the classroom on the second floor. You can see swimming bags hanging on the hooks on the left, and the rack with floor rags on the right, just outside the classroom.

This one also shows the apron bags. The white bags contain an apron, a cap and a face mask. Kids use their own face mask all the time, but they share the use of the apron and cap sets. Each week, half the kids in the class use the aprons, and serve the food. The next week, the other half do the job.

Looking into the classroom, you can see a kid with her apron, cap and mask on. And the wash cloths on the rack outside the classroom.

A view of the inside of the classroom, from the back, with random foot in the air, showing that school children everywhere just cannot sit still!

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