Friday, September 11, 2009

Inside the Classroom

Erica modelling again! Here she is sitting in a standard desk and chair set, coloring, during a school open day in Lena's classroom. You can see screws on the side of the desk and chair that enable you to adjust the height of both for maximum comfort.

Amy sitting at her desk in her classroom. It's pretty standard for the desks to be set up like this in rows of pairs. (She hates the boy she has to sit next to).

Everyone keeps their school bag in a cubby hole at the back of the class. Everyone has a 'randoseru' type backpack, a traditional old-fashioned satchel-type bag. You don't have to have one, but everyone wants one because everyone else has one! They used to come in only two colors - red for girls and navy blue for boys, but they come in a rainbow of colors these days. The extra bags you can see stuffed in there with them are for sports clothes. On top of the shelf are the insulated drink bottles. Most kids have barley tea. A few have water. Nobody has juice or soda.

Inside Amy's desk. Color pencils, pencil case and compass and protractor set. This is all taken home at the end of the day. Kids have a text book for every subject, and they keep them all at home, and have to remember to bring them every day when they have that subject.

Some art work on the walls. Amy's picture is on the bottom right

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